Advanced Style Vintage Submission Advanced Style Vintage Submission

I just received this wonderful photo from Holly at, a wondeful vintage clothing site....

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6:36 AM

In Black on Bowery In Black on Bowery

This woman was in front of the New Museum on Bowery when I stopped her for a photo. She was not only...

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4:39 PM

Cape and Class Cape and Class

I saw this lady in the West Village and admired how stylish and put together she looked. She added ...

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5:58 PM

Advanced Style Icon: Anne Slater Advanced Style Icon: Anne Slater

New York socialite Anne Slater has remained consistently stylish with her signature blue eye glasses...

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9:24 PM

The Style of Champions The Style of Champions

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] MISTER MORT snapped a great photo of 79 year old table tennis champion Mar...

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5:30 PM

Swiss Glamour Swiss Glamour

I saw this wonderful lady in front of The New Museum on Bowery and just had to approach her for a ph...

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8:24 AM

Reader Submission: Spring Style Reader Submission: Spring Style

Lindsay Brown sent me these wonderful photos. She writes, "She looked so great... and then she...

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8:46 AM

Rainy Day Accessory Rainy Day Accessory

I noticed this lady's decorated umbrella from afar and upon closer inspection saw that she had ...

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9:09 PM

Three Piece Suit Three Piece Suit

This guy adds a bit of color to his classic three piece suit with a blue plaid scarf. He seemed su...

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9:30 PM

Casually Cool Casually Cool

I saw this guy walking in Nolita and admired how his yellow Ray Ban's ,casually swept hair and ...

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9:15 PM

Black Hats Black Hats

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] Here are some Advanced Style ladies displaying various takes on a classic b...

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9:12 PM

Mad About Plaid Mad About Plaid

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] This woman loves her plaids as much as I do, she even has a scarf to match h...

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7:50 PM

Vintage Style Icon Vintage Style Icon

I recently posted some photos sent in by Leif of his stylish Swedish grandmother and asked if he wou...

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10:57 AM

Color and Confidence Color and Confidence

I saw this wonderful woman at the New Museum and admired the way she presented herself with confide...

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9:49 AM

How to Dress Like a Gentleman How to Dress Like a Gentleman

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] This guy looks like a perfect gentleman in his striped suit and blue turtlen...

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12:26 PM

Red  and Gold Red and Gold

This former model looks striking in her all red ensemble. Not only does she match her outfit with h...

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8:53 PM

Layered  Reds Layered Reds

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] This guy sure knows how to make a splash with a dash of red.

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2:36 PM

Advanced Style Icon: Tziporah Salamon Advanced Style Icon: Tziporah Salamon

[ Photo by Mister Mort ] Although not quite 60, Tziporah Salamon has the makings to be a true Ad...

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6:30 PM

Reader Submission: Vintage Sweden Reader Submission: Vintage Sweden

A mother with her five daughters in 1970 Leif sent me these beautiful pictures of his grandmother i...

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5:34 PM

Reader Submission: Leonora Russo Reader Submission: Leonora Russo

[Photo by Maria Soares ] As I was talking to Leonora Russo the other day, I met Maria Soares, a pho...

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10:29 AM

Reader Submission: Buenos Aires Reader Submission: Buenos Aires

[ Photo from Esminicompotente ] Paulina from Argentina sent in this photo. She says, "I&#...

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8:25 PM