The Big Bang The Big Bang

[Photo by Jenna Dublin] I totally dig this lady's unique style. Her chunky bowl cut b...

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11:59 PM

Peggy Guggenheim Peggy Guggenheim

I was recently reminded of art collector and patron Peggy Guggenheim. She had a great love for the ...

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10:00 PM

Thank You Advanced Style Readers Thank You Advanced Style Readers

Thanks to everyone for the support and positive feedback on the blog. I appreciate all of your comm...

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6:00 PM

Advanced Style Inspiration: Diana Vreeland Advanced Style Inspiration: Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland was a style icon and influencer for most of the twentieth century. Known for her i...

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6:24 AM

Subway Lean Subway Lean

I asked this guy if I could take his photo posed just as he was. He looked cool leaning against the ...

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10:23 PM

Belted Overcoat Belted Overcoat

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] MISTER MORT captured this well dressed man in a belted camel overcoat with ...

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10:00 PM

A Beautiful Pair A Beautiful Pair

I saw this couple in the New Museum and just had to take their picture. They both have great shades ...

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6:28 PM

Two Hats Two Hats

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] MISTER MORT took a picture of this stylish lady during New York Fashion Week...

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12:06 AM

Simply Advanced Simply Advanced

Nathan and I spotted these two lovely ladies outside the Bryant Park tents. They look elegant in the...

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7:00 AM

Lots of Leopard Lots of Leopard

These two stole the show while exiting the tents during New York fashion week.

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4:19 PM

Trench and Bow Trench and Bow

[Photo by Nathan Qualley] This fellow looks stylish in his striped bow tie, fitted trench coat, and ...

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9:37 AM

Queen of Williamsburg part III Queen of Williamsburg part III

I stopped by a local bakery on Bedford Ave to see one of my favorite stylish ladies,Leonora Russo. L...

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10:02 AM

Colorful Creations Colorful Creations

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] MISTER MORT has always got his eye out for Advanced Style. You can check ou...

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11:00 PM

Shades of Green Shades of Green

This gentleman came into the New Museum all clad in green. His matching hat, scarf, and pocket squar...

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5:18 PM

Advanced Glamour Advanced Glamour

[ CathyofCalifornia ] I came across this great photo on Cathy of California's 1960's and 70...

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8:10 PM

Princeton '63 Princeton '63

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] This guy looks professorial in his tweed coat and blazer. When I commented o...

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6:07 AM

Winter Plaid Winter Plaid

[ MISTER MORT ] Marvin is one the most stylish shoppers around. I saw him at a local flea market and...

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6:02 AM

Advanced Abstractions Advanced Abstractions

I complimented this lady on her abstract sweater and bright red cap. When I told her that it was ref...

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9:26 AM

Custom Coat Custom Coat

Custom coats seem to be all the rage if you want to stand out and have an original look during Win...

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7:24 AM

Dashing  in Plaid Dashing in Plaid

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] This fellow was so enthused by me taking his picture for Advanced Style tha...

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9:12 PM

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland

Joyce looks great in her bright colors and awesome pink sunglasses. She let me know that she has man...

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9:27 PM