Desert Flower Desert Flower

My mom met this spectacular woman, while shopping at a flea market in Arizona. Sequins might not be...

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5:00 PM

Mr. Grassi Mr. Grassi

MISTER MORT took this great photo of Mr. Grassi. He says, " The fabric for this amazing over...

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6:16 AM

Stripes and Tortoise Stripes and Tortoise

This guy looked great walking down Madison Ave with his colorful striped scarf and tinted tortoise s...

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5:53 PM

Uptown in Brown Uptown in Brown

This guy is coordinated from head to toe. Brown has always been one of my favorite colors and this g...

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6:07 AM

Reader Submission: San Antonio Street Style Reader Submission: San Antonio Street Style

Kristina, who has a street style blog of her own, sent in some wonderful photos from San Antonio,...

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11:09 PM

Italian Style Italian Style

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] No surprise that this Italian gentleman, spotted at a trade show, works in ...

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10:45 PM

Loves all Shades of Brown Loves all Shades of Brown

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] I saw this woman at the Warwick Hotel, for the Men's Haberdashery Group...

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10:25 PM

The Dane Dolores on Madison The Dane Dolores on Madison

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] This femme fatal is the definition of stopping traffic. Talk about beauty ge...

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5:47 AM

Round Glasses Round Glasses

I saw these two guys walking through the New Museum and asked if I could take their photo. I'm...

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1:25 AM

Reader Submission: Shopping in Style Reader Submission: Shopping in Style

My pal Rochelle in Boston sent me this great photo. She writes, "This is Betty, she works at Tr...

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5:37 PM

Canal Street Canal Street

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] [Photo by MISTER MORT ] MISTER MORT snapped this photo of a woman shopping...

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10:13 PM

Happy-Go-Lucky Happy-Go-Lucky

Photo by [ MISTER MORT ] [Photo by MISTER MORT ] She was all smiles, as one should be in turquoise.

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9:32 AM

Doris Eaton Doris Eaton

[Photo by M.J. Alexander ] [Photo from LIEBEMARLENE ] Thanks to LIEBEMARLENE for introducing us to...

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11:27 PM

MoMA Style MoMA Style

I couldn't resist posting this picture of a classy couple at MoMA , even if it is a bit blurr...

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9:30 PM

The Sartorialist Gets Advanced The Sartorialist Gets Advanced

[ Photo from The Sartorialist ] The Sartorialis t, Scott Schuman , is known for his street photogra...

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9:38 AM

Layers of Grey Layers of Grey

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] MISTER MORT has been capturing some seriously stylish folks around town. H...

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6:04 PM

Dorothy Dorothy

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] Dorothy has a hair salon uptown. She looks darling in lavender and leopard....

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9:50 AM

Style Inspiration: Lucius Beebe Style Inspiration: Lucius Beebe

[Photo from Cover Browser ] [Photo from Dandyism .net ] [Photo from Around Carson ] [ Photo from Dan...

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8:09 AM

Taking Time to Smile in the City Taking Time to Smile in the City

[ Photo by MISTER MORT ] I normally like to get a full length shot of my subjects, however this tire...

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5:09 PM

Advanced Photographer: Graeme Mitchell Advanced Photographer: Graeme Mitchell

[All Photos by Graeme Mitchell 2008 © Copyright] I stumbled upon these beautiful street shots, by N...

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4:25 PM

Metropolitan Style Metropolitan Style

My Mom and I spotted this elegant woman while at the Met. She stood gracefully for a photo, even as ...

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7:23 PM

Summer Days Summer Days

Here is a picture from Summer to brighten up your cold Winter's day. I admired this lady's ...

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5:09 PM

Vintage Style Vintage Style

Unfortunately I can't remember where I found this photo, but I hope you enjoy it!

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4:28 PM

Advanced Authentiques Advanced Authentiques

My Mom saw this guy walking in the West Village and just had to take his picture. She admired his ca...

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9:38 PM

Uptown Colors Uptown Colors

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] MISTER MORT and I (Ari) both have run into this colorful fellow Uptown. He&...

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8:00 AM

The Hat and The Glasses The Hat and The Glasses

These photos pretty much speak for themselves.

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12:24 PM

Double Breasted Navy Overcoat Double Breasted Navy Overcoat

[Photo by MISTER MORT ] This gentleman didn't speak English, but happily obliged for a snapshot ...

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10:15 PM

Red Accents Red Accents

Love the matching hair, glasses, and scarf.

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9:08 AM

Shades of Black on Orchard Street Shades of Black on Orchard Street

[photo by MISTER MORT ] This man has been selling leather and fur on Orchard St. in New York's ...

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8:20 AM